Preliminary Findings

Full report will be coming probably next week. Due to a compatibility issue with firewire standards I have to pull the video off the camera using a different computer that I don’t currently have. Sorry about that.

In any event, judging from the data we currently have there is no evidence of anything paranormal or supernatural at the Goffstown Historical Society. We did however come up with some interesting findings from a “ghost hunting” perspective.

Kitty, one of the members of the group that was helping with the investigation did get some orb pictures, while I didn’t get any. After some evaluation I have concluded that this has to do with the camera/lens type and the proximity of the lens and the flash on the camera.

The flash on Kitty’s camera is very close to the lens, this causes much less of an angle for flashback to occur. On my camera the lens sticks out much further, and the flash is a greater distance away from the lens. This causes less of a chance for the reflection to enter into the lens.

Another anomaly we found with Kitty’s camera seems to be caused by lens flare. I hope to demonstrate this in my full report.

Black “ghost fog” was recreated purposefully. I have one example using my finger, and Kitty recreated it with her camera strap. We were unable to capture anything else with the cameras.

We would like to thank Andi from the Goffstown Historical Society for her time and generosity. They have some really great items in their collection and we suggest that you all go check them out during their open houses. Just don’t expect to see any ghosts :)

All my photos are available here. All of Kitty’s photos are available here

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