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Science and Critical Thinking On Tap at The Barley House


Concord, NH – The local critical thinking/science literacy promotion group Granite State Skeptics has announced they are hosting their 2nd annual Skepticamp Conference on October 27th 11:30am – 4:30pm at The Barley House on Main Street, Concord NH.

Skepticamp is a free informal conference, open to the public, but does require registration, as space is limited. The purpose of this conference is to promote science, education, and critical thinking through speaker/audience exchange in a relaxed atmosphere.

In the past Skepticamp event we have had a wide variety of topics. Some topics we have talked about at our last skepticam were: Magicians as honest liars, Sugar myth, Science based medicine, Starting a science/skepticism pod cast, statistics, and math as magic.

Speakers are encouraged to answer audience members question and provide reputable sources for their topic on requested. Anyone knowledgeable on a topic related to science and skepticism are welcome to sign on as a speaker. Our speakers have a wide range of experiences: Magicians, Doctors, Middle School aged mathematician, and others who have a topic of special interest in science or skepticism and have made it their hobby.

This type of event has been gaining in popularity and is held in at least 50 other locations in the United States and around the world.

About Granite State Skeptics:

Granite State Skeptics are a local group based out of Manchester NH and is run by the husband and wife team Travis and Dale Roy. The goal of this group is to promote science and critical thinking to the public. One way to do this is through monthly meetings at The Farm Restaurant on Elm Street, Manchester NH, held on the second Monday of every month. Anyone interested is welcome to join us.


To sign up and for more info:

NHPR’s Story on the 1st Skepticamp:

Granite State Skeptics Page:

Contact Information:

Dale Roy

Travis Roy

Welcome to the new website

I decided it was time for a change. I dumped the old blogging software for a new one, found a nice theme, customized it and now we’re good to go! I hope you enjoy the new look. This will blowout all the old comments and user accounts, sorry about that. I tried to move them over but it didn’t work out.

Preliminary Findings

Full report will be coming probably next week. Due to a compatibility issue with firewire standards I have to pull the video off the camera using a different computer that I don’t currently have. Sorry about that.

In any event, judging from the data we currently have there is no evidence of anything paranormal or supernatural at the Goffstown Historical Society. We did however come up with some interesting findings from a “ghost hunting” perspective.

Kitty, one of the members of the group that was helping with the investigation did get some orb pictures, while I didn’t get any. After some evaluation I have concluded that this has to do with the camera/lens type and the proximity of the lens and the flash on the camera.

The flash on Kitty’s camera is very close to the lens, this causes much less of an angle for flashback to occur. On my camera the lens sticks out much further, and the flash is a greater distance away from the lens. This causes less of a chance for the reflection to enter into the lens.

Another anomaly we found with Kitty’s camera seems to be caused by lens flare. I hope to demonstrate this in my full report.

Black “ghost fog” was recreated purposefully. I have one example using my finger, and Kitty recreated it with her camera strap. We were unable to capture anything else with the cameras.

We would like to thank Andi from the Goffstown Historical Society for her time and generosity. They have some really great items in their collection and we suggest that you all go check them out during their open houses. Just don’t expect to see any ghosts :)

All my photos are available here. All of Kitty’s photos are available here

Halloween Night Haunted Investigation


RELEASE DATE: Granite State Skeptics to Investigate Haunted Building
On Halloween Night

Granite State Skeptics today announced that its members will conduct a
live investigation of a haunted building. The investigation will take
place on Halloween night, and is being sponsored by Granite State
Skeptics and Skeptical Analysis of the Paranormal Society.

“The SAPS team has extensive experience exposing myths about alleged
hauntings,” said Granite State Skeptics president Travis Roy. “We’re
excited to work with them, to get at the truth behind supposed
paranormal activity here in New Hampshire”

The actual location, in the greater Manchester, NH area, will be
announced on the night of the investigation, on the group’s Twitter
feed at The group will also share live Twitter
updates, as their investigators look into various claims, including
ghostly apparitions, lights that spontaneously turn on and off, and
electronic voice phenomenon, or EVP.

After the investigation, the group will hold a meeting at the Hannah
Dustin Memorial in Boscawen, NH. Attendees will hear the story behind
the memorial, and examine the preliminary findings of the
investigation. The investigators will also take questions about their
findings, and the procedures used during their examination. Time
permitting, the group also hopes to announce a second investigation to
end the night.

Granite State Skeptics was created in 2008, as a place for like-minded
individuals to engage in informal discussion. After a hiatus, the
group has reformed, expanding its meetings to include guest speakers
on various topics, and committing to active skeptical outreach and
activism. From UFOs and ghosts, to psychics and alternative medicine,
Granite State Skeptics examines all forms of pseudoscience and the
paranormal from a responsible, scientific viewpoint.

The group’s meetings are open to the public. They take place on the
2nd Monday of every month, at Milly’s Tavern in Manchester, NH. For
more information, please visit To learn
more about other investigations conducted by Skeptical Analysis of the
Paranormal Society, see

Travis Roy
Granite State Skeptics

– END –

Facebook Fan Page Up!

So we now have a Facebook Fan Page. You can get to it here. This is different than the Facebook Group page, but I’ve heard good things about this. So please join up, it works more like a friend than a group. We’ll see how it goes.

We’ll see everybody at Milly’s on Aug. 10th!