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Embrace the woo

So here’s a brief update on the whole Power Balance bracelet thing. My “free samples” came in and they are exactly what I expected. I of course want to use them for demos and to show people what they are, but I got to thinking what else I could do with them in the meantime. So I started wearing the bright red one to work to see the reaction.

Now, keep in mind that it’s no secret that I’m not only a skeptic at work, but that I also run Granite State Skeptics. I wear my Surly Ramics necklace, I have stickers on both my personal and work computer, as well as my cube. As a result I think that people may have noticed more than usual that I was wearing this bracelet that they heard me talk about in passing.

In two days of wearing it I have been asked about it about a dozen times, and have shown coworkers the applied kinesiology tests 4 times. I’m sure to point out the normal cost of the bracelet, and also that I got them for the cost of shipping by getting the samples from a distributor. Now, this may not work while walking down the street, but I think that it’s been highly effective as an outreach tool here at work.

Woo testing on the cheap

On the latest episode of The Skeptic Zone it was mentioned that they found the distributors of the Power Balance Bracelet on a wholesaler’s website, so I decided to do some poking around.

After a quick email to Dr. Rachie to get the website I found some fascinating information. I’m going going to post a link to the specific product, because as it turns out there are a lot of distributors that sell the product and some could be knock-offs. The site where you can search for them is and they have a LOT more than just power balance bracelets. So go there and search for your favorite woo related items… But the fun doesn’t stop there.

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More Ramblings

Today I talk about the upcoming skeptics panel at GraniteCon, getting asked to do a public access TV show on the paranormal, and the meeting with some believers, Jon Ronson at Boston Skeptics, and some thanks to people that help publicize my events.


Skeptics at GraniteCon

Do you want to know the facts around ghosts, goblins, aliens, and other things that go bump in the night? Join the Granite State Skeptics panel to discuss the science behind this phenomena. Join our panel of experts to find out why seeing is not necessarily believing, what may really be causing those ghost orbs in your pictures, and why that UFO streaking through the sky might not be from another world.

Panelists will include Dale Roy, physical science teacher with 8 years experience in the classroom. Kitty Mervine, owner and operator of a website devoted to helping those that think they were abducted, as well as a representative from the James Randi Education Foundation, a group dedicated to exposing pseudoscience and uncovering the paranormal. Your moderator will be Travis Roy, president of the Granite State Skeptics.

So join us, May 23rd at the Manchester, NH Radison. More info can be found at the official Facebook Event, or

Power Balance Facebook Takedown

So I’ve talked about this on a couple podcasts, but I figured I would say it in my own words rather than guided by an interview. These podcasts probably won’t come out as fast and furious, but it’s new so I guess that happens. Also, the podcast is now listed in iTunes.