April Skeptics in the Pub with ParaTom

For our April meeting we’ll be doing something slightly different. Our speaker will be Tom Lynch of ParaTom.Com. From his website:

“Tom Lynch is an internationally known and well respected freelance Paranormal Investigator based in New England and travels across the country to help his clients uncover the truth about what they believe to be paranormal activity”

His promo video can be seen here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pztn8Cz5cmw

2 thoughts on “April Skeptics in the Pub with ParaTom

  1. LarianLeQuella

    Okay, it was an interesting talk. I didn’t want to appear rude, but I still have a beef with his assertion that he is skeptical, even of the 2%. Sure, he says that he is looking into the possible explanation of them, but what does he tell his clients? The whole bit with the “Alice” phenomenon just struck me as accepting there was some sort of “ghost” there, and he fed that delusion.

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