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Today we look at something a little closer to home. In fact, it’s a place that I’m a member of and shop at from time to time. Concord Cooperative Market is a small grocery store that sells a lot of local, natural, and organic products. We don’t shop there often but when we do it’s because of the quality of the product and has little to do with the fact that it’s local, organic, or natural.

In the past I have sent emails to the company, mostly due to their support, and sales of homeopathic remedies. I was actually surprised by the first part of the reply where they sent me links to PubMed and told me what to search for. The problem with this was that it had to deal with a lot of herbal remedies that in deed do have some kind of effect, they basically ignored me entirely in regards to homeopathic remedies. Then came the standard reply:

If you do not see value to these products, you are free not to purchase
them. However, we carry them because many of our customers rely on these
products and would like a quality, local source to purchase them. It is part
of our mission statement to provide our community with high quality natural
and organic products as well as to be a resource for health and nutrition
information. This is one way that we do that.

Ahhh yes, if I don’t like it, don’t buy it. It’s not our fault for supplying a product that doesn’t perform as claimed, it’s your fault for buying it. Well you know what, that’s not good enough anymore. You’re selling a product that doesn’t perform as claimed.

I encourage all my readers to contact this store and ask them how they justify selling a product that fails double blind placebo controlled studies.

One thought on “For something closer to home

  1. LarianLeQuella

    I too sho here. Mostly because they are the only ones that carry specific products that I really, really like! They have a Pad Thai that I really like, as well as my daughter’s favorite fish sticks. My wife also really likes the Amy’s stuff, and this place carries them cheaper than Shaw’s. We NEVER go down the “medicianl” section though… That’s what we have CVS for.

    I’ll check out what can be said to them regarding selling water as medecine. :)

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