Embrace the woo

So here’s a brief update on the whole Power Balance bracelet thing. My “free samples” came in and they are exactly what I expected. I of course want to use them for demos and to show people what they are, but I got to thinking what else I could do with them in the meantime. So I started wearing the bright red one to work to see the reaction.

Now, keep in mind that it’s no secret that I’m not only a skeptic at work, but that I also run Granite State Skeptics. I wear my Surly Ramics necklace, I have stickers on both my personal and work computer, as well as my cube. As a result I think that people may have noticed more than usual that I was wearing this bracelet that they heard me talk about in passing.

In two days of wearing it I have been asked about it about a dozen times, and have shown coworkers the applied kinesiology tests 4 times. I’m sure to point out the normal cost of the bracelet, and also that I got them for the cost of shipping by getting the samples from a distributor. Now, this may not work while walking down the street, but I think that it’s been highly effective as an outreach tool here at work.

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