Woo testing on the cheap

On the latest episode of The Skeptic Zone it was mentioned that they found the distributors of the Power Balance Bracelet on a wholesaler’s website, so I decided to do some poking around.

After a quick email to Dr. Rachie to get the website I found some fascinating information. I’m going going to post a link to the specific product, because as it turns out there are a lot of distributors that sell the product and some could be knock-offs. The site where you can search for them is Alibaba.com and they have a LOT more than just power balance bracelets. So go there and search for your favorite woo related items… But the fun doesn’t stop there.

Most of the distributors have a requirement for a minimum purchase. For the silicone bracelets the lowest number I could find was 500 pieces. Even at the 30-50 cents they charge, that’s more than I’m willing to spend for that product and what am I going to do with the other 495 after I put a few through some tests and hand them out at skeptics meetups.

Then I noticed something… They offer samples. I shot off an email to one distributor and asked how much it was for some samples. Within two hours I had an email back with some product pictures and was told they would send me three samples, in the box, for only the cost of shipping. I replied back with the colors of bracelets I wanted and what packaging I wanted and I’m now waiting for the shipping costs.

This is a great resource for trying to procure woo related items on the cheap to put them through the paces. Be sure to search around to look for the best deal.

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