Skeptics at GraniteCon

Do you want to know the facts around ghosts, goblins, aliens, and other things that go bump in the night? Join the Granite State Skeptics panel to discuss the science behind this phenomena. Join our panel of experts to find out why seeing is not necessarily believing, what may really be causing those ghost orbs in your pictures, and why that UFO streaking through the sky might not be from another world.

Panelists will include Dale Roy, physical science teacher with 8 years experience in the classroom. Kitty Mervine, owner and operator of a website devoted to helping those that think they were abducted, as well as a representative from the James Randi Education Foundation, a group dedicated to exposing pseudoscience and uncovering the paranormal. Your moderator will be Travis Roy, president of the Granite State Skeptics.

So join us, May 23rd at the Manchester, NH Radison. More info can be found at the official Facebook Event, or

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