It’s time for a positive story

Last week a video was posted from the Australian show Today Tonight. They were testing Power Balancebracelet.

Australian Skeptics were represented by Richard Saunders and they did some blind testing on the show. As most that come to this site would expect, it failed. But, this is where the story begins in this case.

Dave the Happy Singer and Dr. Rachael Dunlop, who part of the Skeptic Zone team, along with other skeptics joined the Power Balance Facebook Group. I even joined myself.

We started asking for evidence that support their claims. Through this discussion one member of the group started having a bit of a dialog with us. Dave suggested she test the bracelets and I supplied a protocol for double blind testing.

I’m pleased to announce that this person did do the testing and reported the results over two status updates:

“yeah ok… it’s placebo… got a refund this morning…. :p”

“be true to yourself.. test the bracelet.. your mind is a powerful thing.. even il admit I was fooled … grow from this experience … ”

Thanks to Dr. Rachie, Richard, and Dave for bringing attention to this, and thank you to Suzi, the Facebook member that put the claims to the test and sided with science and reason.

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