Halloween Night Haunted Investigation


RELEASE DATE: Granite State Skeptics to Investigate Haunted Building
On Halloween Night

Granite State Skeptics today announced that its members will conduct a
live investigation of a haunted building. The investigation will take
place on Halloween night, and is being sponsored by Granite State
Skeptics and Skeptical Analysis of the Paranormal Society.

“The SAPS team has extensive experience exposing myths about alleged
hauntings,” said Granite State Skeptics president Travis Roy. “We’re
excited to work with them, to get at the truth behind supposed
paranormal activity here in New Hampshire”

The actual location, in the greater Manchester, NH area, will be
announced on the night of the investigation, on the group’s Twitter
feed at twitter.com/gsskeptics. The group will also share live Twitter
updates, as their investigators look into various claims, including
ghostly apparitions, lights that spontaneously turn on and off, and
electronic voice phenomenon, or EVP.

After the investigation, the group will hold a meeting at the Hannah
Dustin Memorial in Boscawen, NH. Attendees will hear the story behind
the memorial, and examine the preliminary findings of the
investigation. The investigators will also take questions about their
findings, and the procedures used during their examination. Time
permitting, the group also hopes to announce a second investigation to
end the night.

Granite State Skeptics was created in 2008, as a place for like-minded
individuals to engage in informal discussion. After a hiatus, the
group has reformed, expanding its meetings to include guest speakers
on various topics, and committing to active skeptical outreach and
activism. From UFOs and ghosts, to psychics and alternative medicine,
Granite State Skeptics examines all forms of pseudoscience and the
paranormal from a responsible, scientific viewpoint.

The group’s meetings are open to the public. They take place on the
2nd Monday of every month, at Milly’s Tavern in Manchester, NH. For
more information, please visitĀ www.granitestateskeptics.org. To learn
more about other investigations conducted by Skeptical Analysis of the
Paranormal Society, seeĀ www.skepticalanalysis.com.

Travis Roy
Granite State Skeptics

– END –

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